Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm sitting at home on a quiet New Year's Eve. My eldest daughter is at her boyfriend's, my youngest daughter is watching an Avatar: The Last Airbender marathon, my husband is playing Battlefield 1942 on the computer and my middle daughter, my mother and myself are all watching Mary Poppins. When the movie is over we're going to play Phase 10 and wait until 12:00 so we can say hello to 2012 and then we can go to bed, at least us older ones can go. I hope that everyone out there, no matter what they may be doing, is enjoying it with someone they love. After all, that's all that is important when you look back at the milestones in your life, who was with you to share it.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to everyone out there. I hope your day is good to you and I hope that you are with the ones you love. If not, let them glow in your heart. I was woken up at four thirty a.m. by my overenthusiastic twelve year old who, apparently, had been up since one a.m. It is now 8:07 and everyone is sleeping soundly and I'm up with no hope of returning to my slumber. Even the dogs have gone back to sleep. Oh well, it was fun to watch them all open their presents. My mother has come down from Edmonton and I love having her here. My dad is not with us anymore and I miss him terribly but having Mom here is really heartwarming.  Last year I got her all the Harry Potter books and movies and she's watched and read them over and over again. So, to get her attention focused on something else for awhile, this year I gave her the complete seven seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know she'll have hours of fun watching it. My two younger daughters have become addicted to My Little Pony so it was fun to get to buy toys again and they loved them. My eighteen year old daughter was thrilled with all of her gift cards (what else do you buy an eighteen year old girl?) and can 't wait to go shopping  and my husband will be able to trim his moustache perfectly with the new grooming kit I got him. As for me, I got new pyjamas, slippers, housecoat, a huge coffee cup and new shirts. I'm happy. My stepson, girlfriend and daughter will be coming by later and I'll get to see them open their presents. In about and hour I'll have to get the turkey in the oven and fill the house with the rich of aroma of Christmas. That's my day. Again, Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 23, 2011

I was going through my summer videos and thought I'd share one of my crazy husband and my crazy step son. They have a hobby of jumping off cliffs. My kids are all doing it now much to my chagrin. There is a very popular place a few miles outside of Calgary where the cliffs are set up like natural diving boards. The only problem: the river is fed by a glacier so it's pretty cold. Anyway, hope you like the video.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four days until xmas and I think I'm finally done my shopping. I took my middle daughter to the stores to buy her sisters presents (after her orthodontist appointment) and I picked up a couple of things. Now, I'm done...I think. I'll probably think of something else at the last minute. I still have to buy the groceries for xmas dinner, you know, the usual-potatoes, vegetables, eggs, milk, bread, buns. I should bake some cookies and nanaimo bars. I think I need a chocolate fix.

It was icy out this morning. Yesterday the thermometer got up to +10 again and it even rained. Overnight it dropped to -5 with strong winds and a sprinkling of snow. Melted roads then freezing temperature makes for icy driving. There were a few accidents in the rush hour. Thank goodness that doesn't affect me.

We didn't make it to the dog park so I thought I'd post some pictures of our cat, Angel and some pictures of my oldest daughter's paintings. She's in her first year at ACAD and is working on her BFA.
Angel just waking up

Angel not wanting to wake up

Angel ticked off that I woke her up

My daughter made this painting for my xmas present four years ago

This is her painting showing her heritage-the fleur de lis for the French in her, the Gaelic knot for the Scottish in her and the English rose for the English in her

Just a painting of shapes and shading

Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm so excited. We went to the dog park yesterday and guess what we saw? A golden eagle. I've never really seen one live before. I know they can't be kept in captivity because they'll only eat what they kill. Usually there are two bald eagles that hang out at the park but a golden eagle! It was huge! And so beautiful. My husband had to carry Pixie, I was afraid it might swoop down and carry her away. It seemed to be watching her pretty closely. Good thing I had my camera and took some pictures. Hope you like them. Sheba had a good swim too. Brrrrr...
The eagle in the tree.
He didn't like me getting too close so he took off.
He's trying to get away from us.

Isn't he huge?

The eagle flying over us. We had to hide Pixie.

The eagle overhead.

The eagle flying.

Pixie walking along the river bank.

Sheba rescuing a chunk of ice.

Pixie found something.

Sheba 'digging' for a rock in the water.

Sheba trying to bring a branch out of the water.

Sheba after she came out of the water.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Well, I've been sitting at my computer for almost two days straight researching all the different ebook publishers and I think I'm pretty certain whom I'm going to go with. Since I don't want to spend a lot of money (my Scottish heritage, I'm cheap), I think I'll go with Smashwords. They sound pretty good. They distribute to almost everyone and if I can figure out how to style my manuscript properly, I'm set. This is where I feel old again though. Thank goodness I have teenagers who can help me with the computer stuff. Trust me, when I was in high school, they still didn't even have the internet. Our school only got three computers when I was in grade twelve and I don't think I ever got to use one.

Hopefully all will go well and my book will be out on ereaders soon. Look for it, it's called Death's Promise. I'll let you know when it's finally published.

Gotta go to the dog park again. It snowed a bit this morning but it's still quite warm. Sheba swam in the river the other day and probably will again. I'll take pictures.

Friday, December 16, 2011

I went Christmas shopping, finally. It was just as I thought, busy malls and lots of wandering around thinking, 'Why am I doing all of this by myself? Doesn't anyone want to shop with me? No? Guess they're all smarter than I am.' I hate the mall. Oh, I went to Toys r Us. Still my favourite store but what a mad house. I think it's the only time of the year really old people go there to shop for grandkids and its fun to see their faces when they look at all the new toys that are being made today. Thank god it didn't snow. In fact, a warm spell is creeping in and our temperatures will be above zero for a few days.

I've decided, after a couple of years of trying to get an agent to read more than five pages of my books, I will publish it myself and sell it as an ebook. I need to get it out quickly though. I have a feeling a lot of e-readers will be under the Christmas tree this year. It seems to be the trend these days. I've been reading about all the different e-pulbishers and can't decide if I should use Create Space or Lulu. I have to read more and get my book ready. My daughter, who is an art student, can design my cover for free and I need to get it edited.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today I got up and found that my daughter is still sick. Poor kid, she lost her voice. She's supposed to be playing a concert on Thursday night and I hope that she'll be feeling better by then. I really, really have to start xmas shopping! I think I know what I'm getting everyone but I have to get out of the house and battle the mall. Ugh! I hate the mall at xmas.

I got out to the dog park yesterday with my dogs. It was a little chilly but the dogs had a great time. Sheba found a friend and Pixie got to run around looking for magpies to chase. The geese are still migrating and they make a whole lot of racket while they fly. I hope you like the pictures.

Monday, December 12, 2011

My daughter is sick this morning and I channel my mother and her mother and her mother...We all brush back her hair and touch her burning forehead. I hate it when my child is sick. I feel so useless. There is really nothing I can do to help her. But, then I remember when I was little and had the flu. The only thing that made me feel better was feeling the presence of my mom by my side. Knowing that she was there made me feel like everything would be okay. I guess that's what I will do for my daughter.

The snow fell hard yesterday and now it has piled up on the streets. Driving will be scary and I am glad that I don't have to go far today. Maybe, if my daughter is feeling better, I will take the dogs out in the snow. The big one, Sheba, will like that. Her fur is thick and she never seems to get cold. The little one, Pixie, will try to be brave but I know the fresh snow will form balls of ice in her paws and I will end up carrying her. Good thing she only weighs ten pounds. Have a nice day everyone.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Am I Supid?

You know, when I was in school there were teachers that made me feel dumb and, on occasion, my father questioned my sensibility. But no one has ever made me feel so inadequate as my teenage daughters. Did you know that I know nothing? When I try to give advice about things I actually may have inside information on, they just roll their eyes, cross their arms and wait for me to be done so they can open their mouths with their wisdom like it was handed down from the mount. Apparently I don't even know how to open a can of ravioli properly.

I love my kids and I do feel they're special human beings but I can't wait until they get married and have children of their own. That's what my mom used to hope for us. It wasn't until I had three lovely balls of energy zinging around my house that I truly appreciated all the things my parents did for me. But, really, teenage girls! What evil thing did I do to deserve this?

It's Sunday morning and all are still sleeping. Ahhh, there is peace on earth and me and the dogs are enjoying it....for now.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Saturday morning

Got up this morning and heard my bones creak. I had to drive my daughter to the train, go grocery shopping and look after the dogs. Now I have to wait for above daughter to call for a ride home. When did I become the cab driver? I don't even like driving myself around let alone everyone else. I haven't even started xmas shopping and I find that I don't really care. OMG! I sound like my mother! I've gotten old people grouchies. Please, quick play an 80's song. Let me pretend to be fifteen again. Mom could you drive me to the mall? oops Now I know where they got it from.