Friday, July 6, 2012

I Made It To The Finals!

I entered the 2012 Global ebook Awards to gain some publicity for my book and, knowing that there would be over 200 judges, Death's Promise would get read by a variety of people. I never expected that I would actually make it to the finals but that's what's happened! Yestereday, I checked my email and learned that the list of finalists would be on the site so off I went to check my status. There, under the category of Speculative Fiction-Contemporary Fantasy (set after 1940) sits my book. You know what that means? Someone acutally read it and liked it! Yay! I don't care if I win, well maybe just a little, but it sure feels good to be a finalist. Thanks to the judges for voting for me.

The awards ceremonies will be in Santa Barbara CA next month. It sounds exciting with Marilu Henner being a guest speaker, hosted by Bill Frank and Jim Cox, publisher of the Midwest Book Review, getting a life time achievement award. Check in later to find out what happens.