Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hi everyone. Long time no write. I've been busy writing book two to the 360 series and hope to have it out soon. My kids have been taking up a lot of my time with school and homework and projects. Honestly, I don't know why I just didn't go to college and learn how to be a teacher. It seems like I'm having to explain almost everything to my girls when they come home from school everyday. Well, maybe not my daughter in high school but junior high-I just don't know. Anyway, they're both doing okay and I'm happy with their marks. My husband seems to have rediscovered his youth and has taken to going skiing every weekend this winter. He alternates between Sunshine and Lake Louise with an occasional trip to places like Castle Mountain and Kicking Horse. Good for him-I just hope he doesn't break anything. My eldest daughter had her showing at HeArtvark and was a success. She seems to be enjoying the art world more than ever right now and I can see her making a solid life out of it.

One more thing before I have to go: It's Read an ebook Week (March 3-9) and both my books Death's Promise and Wind will be availabe for free at the Smashwords site I hope you go check it out.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's A New Year!

Hi everyone and happy new year. I've gotten lazy with my blogging but, hopefully, now I can contribute my words a little more often. My fall has been busy with kids and school and writing. I've published a new book, again with Smashwords. It's called Wind and I hope that whoever reads it enjoys it. I started to think about what would happen if there were another world that existed beneath ours and in another dimension of course. What if it was exactly like ours except void of any modern technology? There would be no warm houses, no running water and it would be populated by people who have disappeared from their lives throughout time. Now, what if a teenager from the highly technical lifestyle we live in today was to join this world? Would she be able to cope without her cell phone, her computer or her ipod? That's the premise of Wind. It's the first in a series and I'm working on the next one right now.

I had some sad news over the past few weeks. My grandmother died at the age of 102 and, even though she lived a long and full life, I'm going to miss her. My mom came to stay with me over the Christmas holidays and I could tell that she misses her mother very much. She was very lucky to have her mother so long but sometimes I think it made it harder to let go.

My dog, Sheba, has hip dysplasia and is having a hard time walking around. She's only two and my husband is devestated. I've never seen him love an animal so much. They do everything together and now it's getting harder and harder to take her for her daily walks. They now go two or three times a week, that's it. We have her on supplements and special food and medicine. She's a very loving dog and never complains about anything. Her spirit is good and she gives lots of hugs to everyone.

I've had lots of happy things happen as well. My kids are still great as ever. Kayla played her flute so expertly in the Christmas pageant, Rebekah continues to get top grades at school, and Rachel has had her art accepted at an Art Show. She will have three paintings showing at Mount Royal University's HeARTvark event in February.