Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I am trying, once again, to obtain an agent. I've written a new book called The 360 and my daughter has begged me to try to get an agent and publish it so it can be in print, in the bookstores. I am hesitant because my experience with trying to find an agent is kind of depressing. I have sent so many query letters and received everything from no thank, your story is just not right for us at this time to hearing abosolutely nothing. I think I only got one or two agents asking to see more. I understand that agents receive thousands of letters everyday and it's almost lottery number odds to actually get an agent and that's the uphill battle I'm a little leary of but I will try. I have letters out to about twenty agents and, so far, I've heard from three. Yes, they say thank you for the interest but your story is just not right for us at this time but please don't be discouraged. Just becaue we don't like it, doesn't mean that others won't. Keep trying.

I've tried to write a good query letter but it's hard to get the right flare into a few words. I have no idea what will catch each agent's eye. I read and research every one of them but I still don't think I'm catching their attention. Today I will try to do some spring cleaning and wait to hear from some of the people I've emailed over the past few weeks. I will breathe in and out and focus on the inner me and try to be patient. Tomorrow I will sit and write my next book and, hopefully, by next week I will get an email asking for more of The 360. I'm crossing my fingers and I will let everyone know if I do.

Has anyone else had any luck with agents? If so, what's your secret?


  1. I just commented on this post- and clicked something and my comment was gone. I will try again. :) SOrry it is quite long...

    I think it is wonderful that you have the support of your daughter. There is a lot of waiting and patience in the writing game, that is for sure. I am in the process of looking for an agent. I have sent my query to one agent at a time over the past 7 months (so far two agents, both requested the ms, but after reading it did not feel that the ms was the best fit for them). I just got the last rejection a week or two ago and am now getting ready to send my query to another agent. I am learning to be more patient and trying to find inspiration in the stories of authors who took a long time to find an agent (like the author of The Help).

    The best thing that I have done so far is attend writer's conferences. The two that I have attended have been so eye-opening. I learned so much from the agents, editors, and other industry people in attendance. If you haven't gone to one- I recommend it. I am going to another one next month where an agent will look at our query letter to give us feedback.

    I am wishing you much success! :)


    1. Thanks Jess. I think I was on a low day when I wrote this but I'm better now. I appreciate the words of encouragement and wish you good fortune as well. I would love to go to some writer's conferences but I don't think many come this way (Calgary, Canada). My kids are my life and anything they can give me for feedback is treasured. Thanks for following.