Sunday, September 23, 2012

My summer is over and it's time to focus on the fall. I haven't been doing too much lately and got stuck in the slow deep ruts of hot days and warm nights. I didn't plant a garden this year and found the prices of the BC fruit at the Farmer's Market too high to do any canning. Besides, my oven is broken and I don't really feel like baking apple pies on the BBQ. Both of my daughter's laptops broke down and, while I'm proud that my youngest made it through three months of no youtube, I have counted my pennies and replaced hers and will be purchasing one for my middle child soon. For now, she and my husband must fight over our desktop pc. If it wasn't for the teachers assigning every bit of homework on their home computers, I might consider a pack of pens and a scribbler as sufficient back to school necessities. I wonder how I ever got through school without any computers at all. Ah, yes, I remember-Encyclopedia Britannica.

Let's see what else have I been doing. Ahh, watching Big Brother three times a week-Ian won and, while I'm happy for him, I liked Dan better. Writing query letter after query letter and getting rejected again and again-publishing on Smashwords is looking pretty good again. I keep reading articles about how ebooks are growing in popularity and am seriously considering going back that way. All I really want to do is write and trying to research and query agents is really time consuming and depressing. I might just write and publish, write and publish. If people read, ok if they don't, ok. I camped a bit and cleaned a bit-the youngest changed rooms and furniture. I did a lot of nothing and now the kids are back at school and I can settle in at my computer and write and update my blog and check my Facebook and Twitter. This is fall and I can settle in my chair and wrap it around me, get a cup of hot coffee and enjoy.

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