Friday, June 22, 2012

For My Dad


by Cheryl Twaddle

The sun is shining in the sky

The sky is still and blue

I can’t believe its been so long

Since I could talk to you.

Your voice that used to scare me

Gave me strength in later years

And now that it is silent

I feel the welling of my tears.

I used to hold your hand so strong

When I was afraid of life

You took me in your giant arms

And made me feel alright.

I can’t believe I will no longer gaze

Upon your clear blue eyes

The world would seem far easier

When you could ease my cries.

But now you are no longer here

And I feel heavy-hearted

So, now, Dad I remember you

On this the day you parted.

I will thank you for all you gave to me

Your wisdom and your love

And hope that you will look in on me

Once or twice from high above.

In loving memory of my Dad, Nelson Bernard

July 25, 1940-June 22, 2010

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