Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer's Coming!

Well, spring is definitely in the air. During the past couple of weeks I've watched my youngest, Kayla play Lord of the Rings beautifully on her flute at the Spring Fling concert at her Junior High School-she even got to play a solo on the CD recording later in the week. I watched my middle daughter, Rebekah, walk tentatively hand in hand with her boyfriend to his graduation, happy for his success-he graduated with honours-worried about his future and scared that she would now have to spend her final two years of High School without him. I scrambled furiously with my oldest, Rachel trying to arrange her classes for her second year at ACAD and making sure she got every class she wanted-she did and will be declaring her major, hopefully, in painting by the spring next year. But the surest sign of spring came this past weekend when my husband, Simon, Kayla, Rebekah, my step-son, Dennis and his daughter Brooke and, of course my two dogs, Pixie and Sheba all went camping. Yehaw!! It was so much fun. Simon and Bekah swam in the freezing river with Sheba. Everyone went 4x4ing and got covered in mud-Simon broke the clutch in his Jeep. They all saw a moose. It rained. We roasted hot dogs and hamburgers. The moon was bright and round-we looked at it with our new skymaster binoculars. We slept deeply and soundly from the fresh air and I now have mountains and mountains of laundry. Yep, it is definitely spring and I can smell the summer racing towards me. I better go renew my fishing license.
The beautiful Elbow River.

Sheba diving for a stick.

Got it!

The water's so clear.

Shake, shake shake!

Hey, there's a person over there!

And there goes another one!

Rebekah helps her dad up.

Sheba swims to join them.
Rebekah, Simon and Sheba.

There goes Simon.

Now it's Bekah's turn.
A small waterfall across the river. I think a cougar lives near the top because there's always tracks up there.
Pixie playing in the sand.

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