Saturday, March 3, 2012

At one minute past midnight Pacific time on March 4 to midnight Pacific time on March 10 my book, Death's Promise will be availabe for 50% off. You'll only be able to buy it for that price on the smashwords site and you'll need the coupon code REW50. I hope you join this fun event and have fun reading.

Now, my daughter and husband went to the dog park yesterday and took some incredible pictures of the eagles and other things. They had to wade across the cold river in their rubber boots to get them but it was well worth it.

A crow chases a baby bald eagle.

The crow still after the eagle.

Little woodpecker.
Little woodpecker.

Baby eagle flies overhead.

Brother and sister maybe?

Kayla, my daughter, floating down the river on a piece of ice.

Sheba wanted to join her.


  1. Is this in Canada? It's beautiful! I might go there next year, I have relatives living in Alberta.

    And your dog is so big! I'm surprised the ice held them together. :-)

    1. Yes this is Canada, in Calgary. We go here every day to walk the dogs. My dog, Sheba, is part Newfoundlander part Bernese Mountain dog and she loves to swim.