Monday, February 27, 2012

Well, I did it. Yay! Today my book, Death's Promise, got nominated for one of Dan Poynter's Global eBook Awards You'll find it in the Speculative-Comtemporary Fantasy-Fiction category.  "The Global Ebook Awards honor and bring attention to the future of book publishing: Ebooks. Now in its second year, the Awards are in 72 specific categories. They are open to all publishers large and small so that a winner is the best in its category not just the best of small or regionally-published ebooks. The awards ceremony will be in gorgeous Santa Barbara on August 18, 2012." This was a contest recommended by Mark Coker on Smashwords and I thought I'd check it out. There are approximately 250 judges and I knew this would be a good way to get a wide variety of people to read my book. I'm new at this and really don't have a huge social network following. I get excited when someone views this page or I get a partial download of my book. I know, I know I'm silly but I'm getting old you know. I still have a rotary phone for God's sake. Anyway, I thought I'd enter and see if I could entice some new readers. I published Death's Promise as a young adult fantasy book but when entering it into the Global eBook Awards, that category didn't exist. There was teen literature and a couple of fantasy categories so, I thought about what my book was and thought it leaned more towards fantasy than teen. Plus, the few people who have given me feedback were not teens. My book was evaluated and accepted as a nominee January 26, 2012 (I just got the email).
The awards ceremony is in Santa Barbara, California and my kids are insistant I take them in August. I must take them with me, they say, so they can be there to support me. I will wait and see if I go. It would make a great holiday. If only my husband could go with me. Oh well, I'll pull a Scarlet and think about it tomorrow. For right now, I'm just happy I got nominated. Wish me luck.

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