Thursday, February 2, 2012

The poll is over and Harry Potter won the favourite book series. I'm not surprised. I want to share something that makes Harry Potter more than just a book for me and my mom. My dad died in June 2010 and my mom was understandably devastated. They had been married for 49 years and were as close as any couple could be. My dad had been in an accident in 1992 that claimed his memory but my mom remained devoted to him and he always had so much love in eyes whenever he looked at her. When he left us, my mom became so lost and alone. She came to spend Christmas with me that year and I decided to get her something that would help her on the days where she felt especially alone. So, I bought her all seven Harry Potter books and the first six movies (The Deathly Hallows had not come out yet). My mom loves them. I think she's read the books at least four times and watched the movies over and over again. She says she's never read anything that made her feel so happy before. The Weasleys are just like many of the families from the maritimes (which is where my mom is from), Harry is such a strong character who rises to any challenge, Hermione is smart and proud of it, and I could go on and on with the reasons why Mom likes it so much. I'm glad these books can take her away from her sad feelings and I thank JK Rowling for writing such a good story.

On that note, my next poll is a Harry Potter question and I hope everyone puts in a vote.

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