Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hi everyone! Well, it's the end of January and it feels like summer is already here. I've decided to change my blog to look a little funner. Tell me if you like it.

I've been writing furiously every day on my new book and am now about half way through it. I've also been trying to find different ways to promote Death's Promise. I have to get over my shyness on the internet though. I'm just not used to putting myself out there. I've always been a very private person and am finding it hard to talk about myself to complete strangers. But, if I want people to read my books, then I have to just get over it. I've joined a few sites like Smashwords Forum and Book Blogs and am getting a headache trying to navigate through them. I also joined a few blogs and am enjoying what others write about. My next task is to send Death's Promise to a few people to review but I have to figure out how to do that.

I finally downloaded another book to my Kobo. It's called "Tithe: A Modern Faerie Tale" by Holly Black. I've read about a third of it and am enjoying it. How do people do all this? Read, write, and do everything else that demands their attention. I've never been on my computer so much in my life. Oh no, I may be becoming a nerd. Do they still say that? Nerd.

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