Monday, January 9, 2012

Sorry I haven't posted for a few days but I've been busy trying to get my book out and I finally succeeded! I joined Smashwords, reformatted my book according to their instructions and published it myself. I no longer have to wait for some agent to say that they might be interested in seeing the first five pages and then wait impatiently for another rejection email to come to me. I have written, edited and published my own book and  hope that someone out there will actually read it and like it. My youngest daughter, Kayla, even designed and made my book cover for me and I think it looks great. You can check it out at It's a fantasy book suited for older teens and young adults but anyone would like it, I think. Here's the cover. Kayla you're pretty good at digital art for only being twelve.


  1. I saw your book on Smashwords yesterday. Congratulations on getting your work out there and good luck.

  2. Thanks Erin I appreciate that you took the time to read my excerpt. Thanks for the critique it will help in future works.