Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Four days until xmas and I think I'm finally done my shopping. I took my middle daughter to the stores to buy her sisters presents (after her orthodontist appointment) and I picked up a couple of things. Now, I'm done...I think. I'll probably think of something else at the last minute. I still have to buy the groceries for xmas dinner, you know, the usual-potatoes, vegetables, eggs, milk, bread, buns. I should bake some cookies and nanaimo bars. I think I need a chocolate fix.

It was icy out this morning. Yesterday the thermometer got up to +10 again and it even rained. Overnight it dropped to -5 with strong winds and a sprinkling of snow. Melted roads then freezing temperature makes for icy driving. There were a few accidents in the rush hour. Thank goodness that doesn't affect me.

We didn't make it to the dog park so I thought I'd post some pictures of our cat, Angel and some pictures of my oldest daughter's paintings. She's in her first year at ACAD and is working on her BFA.
Angel just waking up

Angel not wanting to wake up

Angel ticked off that I woke her up

My daughter made this painting for my xmas present four years ago

This is her painting showing her heritage-the fleur de lis for the French in her, the Gaelic knot for the Scottish in her and the English rose for the English in her

Just a painting of shapes and shading

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