Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm so excited. We went to the dog park yesterday and guess what we saw? A golden eagle. I've never really seen one live before. I know they can't be kept in captivity because they'll only eat what they kill. Usually there are two bald eagles that hang out at the park but a golden eagle! It was huge! And so beautiful. My husband had to carry Pixie, I was afraid it might swoop down and carry her away. It seemed to be watching her pretty closely. Good thing I had my camera and took some pictures. Hope you like them. Sheba had a good swim too. Brrrrr...
The eagle in the tree.
He didn't like me getting too close so he took off.
He's trying to get away from us.

Isn't he huge?

The eagle flying over us. We had to hide Pixie.

The eagle overhead.

The eagle flying.

Pixie walking along the river bank.

Sheba rescuing a chunk of ice.

Pixie found something.

Sheba 'digging' for a rock in the water.

Sheba trying to bring a branch out of the water.

Sheba after she came out of the water.

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